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by Cretem (크레템)

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New Goodbye 03:24
You’re only a few steps away but I just can’t seem to get to you. It all looks familiar. If we have to face this let the day be today. This is a new goodbye. No more tears for you and I. The story goes on. When I look in your eyes I can see the reflection isn’t me. What are we afraid now? We’ve got nothing left to lose. Let the day be today.
Eyes Closed 03:36
Stop judging him so much. He’s only doing his best. After all everyone wants more. Stop hating her so much. She’s happy the way she is. There is no right or wrong in this game. With eyes closed I feel free. Stop fearing it so much. Everything comes to an end eventually and we already know it. Stop doubting it so much. We only get to live once. The way will appear once we take a step.
Problem 05:02
자꾸 눈에 밟혀서 생각이 나. 아무 감정이 없었다 믿었는데. 왜 이런지 모르겠어 자꾸 숨이 막혀와. 왠지 눈도 잘 쳐다보지 못하고 떨림을 숨기려 무표정을 지어. 내 맘은 이게 아닌데 자꾸 무심하게 난. I’ve got a problem. 지우지 못해 여기서 널 느껴. 자꾸 폰이 울리길 기다리고 긴장해서 혼자 다른 얘기를 해. 잘 이해는 안 가지만 네가 웃어 괜찮아. 혹시나 부담스럽게 느껴질까 한마디 뱉기 전 몇 번 되씹어봐. 다른 건 모르겠고 지금 네가 난 보고파.
You and me, we’re meant to be different and that’s what keeps us apart. You and me, we used to be innocent and that’s what got us this far. After all, do you believe that we’ll end up what we wished as we were kids? After all, will we ever see the answers we looked for as we hold onto dreams? Tonight let’s lose again. Tonight let’s fall again. We’ll be the fools again to bring back the the good old days again. Sometimes, I wonder what if you decided to stay would it have made any difference? Sometimes, I’m not too sure whether I would make the same decisions again.
The Day 03:25
손에 손잡고 발해를 꿈꿀래 그날이 오기를. 녹슨 총구는 이제 내려놓고 우리 함께 가요. 더는 그리워 한이 맺히는 사람들이 없기를. 이산가족이란 말 이제 역사책 속에 넣어요. The day will come. 모든 게 완벽할 순 없지만 우리 같이 간다면. 지금보다 더 나을 거 같은데 그렇지 않나요? 할머니가 그리워한 그들을 만날 수 있다면. 할아버지가 얘기한 그곳에 가볼 수 있다면.


released June 20, 2020

Produced and mixed by Peter
All songs written, arranged and performed by Peter and Billy
Additional guitar on “New Goodbye” and “Problem” by Adnan
Gang vocals on "Eyes Closed" by John, Lisa, Hiu, Mel, Joey, Rebecca and Rainbow
Recorded at IMPORKCHOP studio
Artwork and design by Billy
Mastered by LANDR

Special thanks to (in no particular order):
Hiu, Adnan, John, Gabriel, Serena, Lisa, Mel, Maria, Joey, Rebecca and Rainbow


all rights reserved



Cretem (크레템) Toronto, Ontario

Cretem is a rock band from Toronto/Seoul formed by Peter Kim on vocals and guitar and Billy Chan on drums.

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